The packaging

From its packaging in practical plastic dishes through to more traditional aluminium foil options, with variants organised to meet the demands of the various European countries, Agral Butter is sure to have the butter packaging you require.

One specific characteristic of the business is the mastery of the technique of moulded and semi-hand packed butters, in the spirit of "like on the farm". This type of packaging incorporates values of the land and authenticity.

Pat of butter

Pat of butter
  • 125, 200, 225, 250, 300g
  • Parallelepipedic packaging
  • Aluminium complex
  • Adjustable to the formats of the target countries

Aluminium packaging is the most commonly used worldwide for butter. There is therefore no one format. Agral Butter boasts a vast range of options in terms of weights and formats ("French" or "German"). As convenience has taken hold, Agral Butter also offers stronger, tear-proof complexes to make for more practical use.

"Manual" moulded butter

  • 125, 250, 500g, 1kg
  • Hand-packaged butter
  • Generations of know-how
  • Premium approach

Hand-moulded butter is the most traditional way of forming butter there is. This time-honoured tradition of packaging butter by hand in simple parchment paper is a farmyard culture. During the last century, all farms were busy churning the cream and transforming it into butter themselves. Hand-packaged butter was then sold direct. Agral Butter has preserved this traditional know-how and continues to offer hand-packaged butter today. This work requires great dexterity and is only done by women. The parchment paper is still used for its authentic feel.
However, a premium version has also proved to be a great success. Butter is hand-packaged in a complex offering a light barrier. Thereafter, it is placed in the bottom of a box and enhanced by a collar.

"Machined" moulded butter

  • 250g, 500g, 1kg
  • "Hand-packaged" look butter
  • Just like generations past

The "machine" moulded butter is the automated version of the hand-packaged butters. It resembles farmyard butters, particularly when packaged in parchment paper. It has the advantage of being more competitively priced than a hand-packaged butter. Agral Butter, with a range to suit everyone.

Butter in a dish

Butter in a dish
  • Plastic dish 200, 225g, 250g
  • Hygienic
  • Practical
  • Modern

Butter in a dish or tub is the practical consumer choice. This packaging is easy to store, hygienic and practical for everyday use. Full-fat butters are available in this packaging, although it is most popular for reduced-fat, spreadable and healthy (Omega 3) options).
Our dishes are available to our customers with no investment on their part.

Mini butter

Mini butter
  • Mini dish 7g-10g
  • Lidded

Individual packaging makes for a practical solution. Catering, restaurants and groups use these mini portions. It is also the perfect solution for markets where buying power is limited and butter is in demand. Agral Butter has flexible packaging that can be coupled with a wide variety of different butters. Packaging available in our Héritage 1466 brand or to be developed by printing lids.

Butter "fingers"

  • Pats, from 100g
  • Less demanding in terms of purchase

The finger is a packaged in a 100g format in aluminium complex. It combines the advantages of a competitively-priced packaging with a purchase commitment that is more accessible to consumers. Its weight of 100g is also very popular with aromatised butters.

Roll of butter

Roll of butter
  • From 100g
  • Plastic tube filled with butter

Our rolls of butter are packaged in a transparent plastic complex closed at both ends by metal bands. A self-adhesive label completes the packaging. This packaging option is very flexible in terms of weight. By adapting the roll length, an infinite range of different weights is available. In western Europe, this packaging is often used for aromatised butters (garlic and fine herbs, etc.).

Jar of butter

Jar of butter
  • Glass jar (100g)
  • For aromatised butter
  • Reusable

At customer demand, Agral Butter studies and develops new butter packaging options. Agral Butter has been packaging butter in 100g glass jars since 2015, which are found in the conserve industry. This packaging is enhanced by a cardboard collar. Once the butter is finished, the consumer can then reuse the jar.

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